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About Us

Mindful, Conscious, & Ecological Living


Our Story

We are a community indwelling authentic relationships and living with the rhythms of nature. We have been an evolving collective of humans seeking to take back our birthrights. Our journey started at the Mindful Ways Urban Ecovillage in San Jose, CA, over 10yrs ago. We held space for the community through regenerative farming, horticulture & permaculture practices, a wellness center, and parent co-op programs.


This was the birthplace of the Awakened Method, the pathway of self-exploration and relationships using ecological principles. When we apply ecological principles to our soul's healing journey, we can fully become human again. This desire to become fully human has led to our journey to take root in Scio Or to rebirth a new village. 


The laboring stage of the Singing Hen Ecovillage & Farm has begun. Just like all births, the rhythm must be held in safety and trust within the process.  As we move through the laboring stage, we seek those who are also on a pathway to interdependence and can see the "whole" picture. We are a community that will support 5-7 human cells, with each cell comprised of singles, couples, and families living rhythmically together and moving through self-sustaining practices along with extended community members in our area.


Our Mission

It is to come together to heal the collective trauma in learning to be fully human and rebuild our relationship with the earth's rhythms.

Our Vision

It is to be a micro-village that evolves mindful, conscious, and ecological ways of living for current and future souls.

Our Community

Get to Know Us

We hold space through the Awakened Method, a pathway grounded in systems that reflect the patterns and principles in ecology. This approach is the most resilient and stable system known to us. Ecosystems are self-replicating, self-propagating, and self-maintaining, which increase in complexity and resiliency over time and use resources effectively by cycling through tens of thousands of interactions. Every organism depends on countless others and, in turn, relies upon the whole. Therefore, the goal of our community is not the acquisition of independence but the intertwining of experiences with other humans living in evolving interdependence.


Our pathways aim to create communities rooted in empathy, compassion, healing, interconnection, altruism, and creative problem-solving. We combine previously disconnected concepts into new circumstances, bringing back supported lived experiences into the community, evolving free human souls.

Ecologcial Pathway

"The earth's cry for rescue from the punishing weight of the industrial system we have created is our cry for a scale and quality of life that will free each of us to become the complete persons we know we were born to be."
  -Theodore Rozak



Views a deeper level in the relationship between cognition and behavior. Through this lens, we understand that the human mind is interdependent on the culture from which it arises. The mind and environment are experiences and actions in how culture influences cognitive and behavioral functionality. 



Experiences a deeper level between the outer and inner environments as foundational layers to our present moment. To address our outer ecological crisis, we first must understand our inner story to bring more functionality.



Takes a deeper look into biodiversity within the community. Health within a community is more than illness or health; it’s about the ecosystem of social, spiritual, mental, physical, educational, and emotional welfare.



Accounts for a deeper interdependent relationship with the body, existence, and planet. When being embodied, trust is present, allowing for safety to be present. Through the lens of physical ecology, we bring awareness to our storyline with our bodies and present our existences to how we relate to our environment.



Sees a deeper level of facilitating the creation of systems that reflect patterns and principles of ecology. Holding space through the lens of ecological education. It’s not the acquisition of knowledge but the interconnectedness of it that captures us. This brings expanded awareness in the knowledge of complex and novel situations opening creative problem-solving to higher levels.



Views a deep, complex combination of sensation and feeling. How we perceive something and how we feel about it inspires our values. Emotional ecology integrates a functional relationship with needs, sensations, and feelings. Holding space through this lens allows the emotional texture of our experiences giving room for functional expression. 



Views a deeper level of our economic, ethnic, cultural, and gender dysregulation and fragmentation seen in our current moment. To evolve regenerative support resourcing nurturing a more interdependent community for greater well-being, quality of life, and connection. Social ecology brings to light the often-overlooked fact that nearly all our present ecological problems arise from a deep-seated social conversation in the community.

Holding Space For Community 

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