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Donations &  Membership

The Singing Hen Ecovillage & Farm is a non-profit 501 c membership-based spiritual community. That supports mindful, conscious, and ecological living. 


The Singing Hen Ecovillage & Farm is reaching out for your support today. Regular time in nature is critical to one’s mental, physical, and spiritual well-being and living in a community where whole relationships flourish. Yet, with more than 80% of the nation residing in urban areas, many don’t experience nature and are disconnected from nourishing relationships. While the Singing Hen Ecovillage & Farm reaches a good portion of the Linn County students and residents, there is additional work we can do to ensure that not only do more people spend time in nature but evolve a relationship with nature in an ecovillage setting.


Our Singing Hen Ecovillage & Farm vision will allow us to introduce more people to the transformational properties of stewarding the land and building whole human relationships. Your support ensures SHEF longevity to reach generations of people and respond to interest in our model so we can spread our knowledge and deepen our impact.


Your donation will bring so much life to the community through experiences such as:

  • $100 provides increased access to outdoor exploration and connecting back to the land for all.

  • $250 provides unforgettable nature-based experiences to a child in need through a Summer Camp scholarship.

  • $500 provides hands-on experience for a teen to take part in our apprenticeship programs; Herbology, Alternative Building, Regenerative Farming, Early Childhood Education, & Spiritual & Somatic Human Development

  • $1000 provides a safe, natural space restored with native plants for all to enjoy – meditating, reading, playing, and more.

  • $2500 provides collaborative research supported by volunteers and academics in polyculture farming and living in an ecovillage community.

  • $5000 provides hands-on, ecological lessons to K-12 classrooms and allows schools to have field trips to Singing Hen Ecovillage & Farm.

community hugs.jpg
community hugs.jpg

Pathways To Membership

We have five ways the community can be part of the ecovillage.




Village Living

Co-Creation Partnership

When laboring & birthing a village, a community is needed. 


Our community membership opens the door for those not living on the farm. The memberships support our birthright to food free of chemicals, vaccines, and antibiotics while also holding a safe space to connect and explore being human through events, retreats, camping, and training.

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Vision Supporter
$30 per yearly

Culture Supporter
$55 yearly

Ecology Supporter
$75 yearly

  • ​10% off all products

  • 10% off all talks, events, and classes.

  • Quarterly member connects gatherings.

The vision membership is essential and allows us to keep flowing. 

  • 15% off all products

  • 15% off all talks, events, and classes

  • 20% off camping on the farm

  • Quarterly member connects gatherings.

The culture membership is one based on flowing in growth. 

  • 20% off all products

  • 20% off kid’s programs and events

  • 30% off all talks, events, and adult classes

  • 1 free night of camping a year

  • Discounts with co-creator partnership businesses.

  • Quarterly member connects gatherings

The ecology membership allows scholarships for those needing support with nourishing food. in the community.

Pathway To Living At The Village

Integration on the farm

This is a work in progress as we move through the laboring stages. You can begin your pathway by starting with a membership, joining our monthly Awakened Connection Meetings, assisting with projects, and joining us for a night or two.

We are currently working on bylaws, community guidelines, and land trusts. We do have space for two tiny homes or camper trailers for rent to get a feel of the community.

More to come!

Home Grown Squash

Co-Creator Partnership

Mindful, Conscious, and Ecological Businesses Joining Together.

Bringing connection to collaborate with your gifts and talents to the community. 
$100-$500 yearly
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